Operate your own Ride-share business utilizing a leased Tesla.

Leasing a Tesla

We provide you with a Tesla to drive on ride share platforms like Uber.

Electric cars like a Tesla can be expensive to buy, so we provide a low cost rent/leasing option, that makes it affordable.

Drive in style, comfort and class! Whilst making more money than you have before driving.

Our cars come inclusive of all maintenance, giving you peace of mind. We reward our drivers of more KM's driven not less!

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Save Money

Electric cars are renowned for safety, reliability and low cost of operation. Saving you at least $7500 per year in operating costs.

Lease with confidence

We are dedicated to helping our drivers make more money than any comparable taxi/delivery job. We work with you to help build your revenues and look back at as powered cars as a thing of the past.

Make more money

A Tesla on Uber will get you Uber X, Uber comfort and Uber Select Rides. Increasing your chances of maximizing your daily revenue as a driver.

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What Our Lessee's Say

“Best decision I ever made, love my Tesla”

Leasing a Tesla through CECM has been so easy and simple. The support is great and I make more money now than i did driving my gas car on Uber.

Darryl K

Tesla Lease Operator

So Reliable and cost effective

I love driving a Tesla on Uber. I get so many more rides than i did before.

Alan B

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